Mega Millions will go head to head with Powerball

This October,2017 all online lottery lovers will check both American lotteries, the MegaMillions and the USA Power-ball go to see who can offer the ‘biggest jackpot in the world record’.

US Powerball currently with a mind-boggling $1.6 billion jackpot record, in Jan, 2016, the Mega Millions changes will no doubt give the Powerball lottery a run for its money.

Before the Powerball , it was the Mega Millions lotto game that held the world record with the $656 million jackpot it awarded in March 2012 to three lucky winners. The prize, which worked out at $471 million in cash, was split between ticket holders from Kansas, Illinois and Maryland. This jackpot record was held for four years until the Powerball surpassed all expectations and hit the magnificent $1.6 billion, which was won by three winners.

With the latest Mega Millions lottery changes this could all change, and usa lotto players could once again have that ticket to a life no one as yet dare dream about. After all, being a multi-millionaire is one thing, but boasting a billionaire status is quite another. If we know you, we reckon you are definitely game, so let’s take a look at what the latest Mega Millions changes are all about.

Here is a list of the changes that will come into effect on October 28th, with the changes coming into effect for the draw on the 31st October, 2017: