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What is EuroMillions?


Play the dream game with the multi-million lottery jackpot and get ready to dream for big . The world’s your destiny with prizes this thrilling. Draw of Euromillions lottery now takes place every Tuesday and Friday. Lottery ticket costs £2 and includes the UK Millionaire Maker in most of the ticket seller, which makes two new UK millionaires every week – guaranteed!

Euromillions is a lottery played by European countries, namely the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and many others. In order to win the jackpot, one has to match 5 main numbers and 2 lucky stars. There are chances of more than one euromillions jackpot hitter. In the case the prize is shared between all the winners. They can even match the UK millionaire maker number and further their chances of becoming millionaire leaves behind all. Believe it or not at Thelottereis.net you get to play both the millionaire games in a single ticket.

We ensure prompt response and safe transaction to the registrants through our site Thelottereies.net. We offer thrilling in every lottery match that we conduct. Lives have been changed through this risky yet miracle game. The game most abundantly played and enjoyed by the elite mass of the European countries is definitely regarded as a life changer. Euromillions drawings now take place twice a week, allowing participants to hit a number of jackpots. Buying more tickets undoubtedly increases the chances of winning the euromillions lottery.

The lotteries.net keeps publishing jackpot results. Players can register them and buy lottery tickets for the euromillions jackpot and get started along with other players from Europe, who too have signed in for the largest lottery pool. Our lottery games attract many participants from the United States and the United Kingdom makes it a known name among the people. It has also been a favorite to many foreign nationals and visitors visiting those countries. Therefore, with Thelottereis.net you are guaranteed joy and excitement at its best.


EuroMillions Mega Friday draws


Every last Friday of each month is celebrate as Mega Friday. On every Mega Friday, the Millionaire Maker draw makes multiple millionaires from the players, and there is chance for each millionaire to wins an exclusive millionaire lifestyle experience for them. Play Mega Friday and the prizes on offer.


How do I play euromillions?

Choose five numbers from 1-50 and pick two Lucky Stars from 1-11, or you can Quick pick Lucky numbers for a random selection. You can play up to 7 lines of numbers on each play slip and buy up to 10 play slips at a time. Then, choose date of draws and weeks which you'd like to play. One can play up to 4 weeks in advance or continuously by Direct Debit facility.



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What can I win?

To win Jackpot price in Euromillions Lottery you required to Match 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars. In some cases there’s more than one Euromillions jackpot winner, than the prize will be shared between all the jackpot winners. additionally, match the UK Millionaire Maker no to become Millionaire. It is possible to win both the jackpot and the UK Millionaire Maker on the same ticket.


Match Estimated win
5 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars Jackpot
5 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star £ 211,823.60
5 Main Numbers £ 35,303.90
4 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars £ 2,824.30
4 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star £ 137.20
4 Main Numbers £ 68.60
3 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars £ 40.10
2 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars £ 12.80
3 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star £ 9.80
3 Main Numbers £ 8.20
1 Main Number + 2 Lucky Stars £ 6.90
2 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star £ 5.40
2 Main Numbers £ 2.70

Euromillions Latest Draw result is shown Here, for detail breakdown and complete result kindly Click Here

Who can Play Euromillions?

You can take part in the world’s biggest Euromillions draw! All you need to do is follow these simple rules found here to sign up if you are from one of the non-participant nations, making it easier than ever before to enter into one of the many brilliant Euromillions offerings! Even with the help of our online portal we had removed your geographical brier. Buy online Lottery Now !!